Lotto Prizes

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Lotto Prizes

*We offer monthly lotto prizes to all our subscribers to make them happy working with us. We offer 20 lotto prizes every month. 1st Place 300 USD (1 winner), 2nd Place 75 USD (4 winners), 3rd place 20 USD (10 winners), 4th place 3 Basic account membership for 3 months (3 winners), 5th place 2 VIP account membership for 3 months (2 winners). We offer quarterly prizes of 500 USD to our VIP subscribers.

Our annual lotto for VIP customers will include a 1st prize place of a brand new car. Our annual lotto for Basic Account holders will include 4 first prize places of an electronic scooter.

The draw will be live broadcasted on our YouTube channel and will be 100% random with no bias.

Be a subscribed member and get an opportunity to win monthly lotto prizes.

*Money prizes for only Basic and VIP account holders.

Lotto Winners

First Name Last Name Rank Amount Country

*All lotto winners are requested to leave a feedback about our product on google store or apple store or any other platform.

*Lotto winners will be responsible to pay any applicable taxes on the winning prize in their respective countries.

*Lotto user can win maximum 1 money prize and 1 VIP or Basic account subscription prize for a particular month lotto.

*Lotto winner has to claim the prize within 15 days. Then after an individual will not be able to claim the prize.